Project implementation

We start by identifying customer needs and developing the most appropriate heating solution. For each project, we hire appropriate specialists and technical resources. Future implementation of the project is under joint monitoring thereby completely eliminating unnecessary downtime.

We carry out the full cycle of the project, from the design of the boiler house to its implementation and after-sale maintenance.

We provide modern and transparent project management using specialised software that facilitates communication of all the involved parties, thus optimising the project and carrying it out within the scheduled time limits.



  • 1. Elaboration

  • 2. Engineering

  • 3. Delivery

  • 4. After-sales support

  • Meeting & Inspection
  • Setting the terms
  • Feasibility study
  • Signing the contract
  • Project management
  • Production
  • System assembly
  • Commissioning



ražots atbilstoši ES standartiem

Manufactured in Latvia


  • System production in accordance with EU standards,
  • Maintenance and after-sales support are readily available, easy communication with the manufacturer throughout the operation of the heating system,
  • Easily reachable repair and maintenance services

Wide range of biofuels

ECOSILTS heating systems can use a wide and diverse range of biofuels for heating production. It brings huge benefits to the plant system owner, such as: independence in choosing the suppliers, the type of fuel, and the fuel availability and its price fluctuations on the market

Deadlines matters

  • We focus on reliable and secure heating system production and consolidated teamwork throughout the entire project.
  • Average boiler house project duration including engineering, production, delivery and system assembly is about 80-95 working days.

Individual solution

All the equipment is manufactured for the individual project, with the aim to find the optimal solution for each particular facility: the new boiler house construction or the existing boiler house reconstruction.

  • We use high-quality materials and components from the leading European producers.
  • Our manufactured systems have a 15-20 year lifecycle.



The main objective of the feasibility study (FS) is to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that would be an optimal and more appropriate solution, in line with the needs of the municipality or farm and its capabilities. The development of the FS creates an offer that is economically justified, includes the calculation of the project's development and its implementation, the analysis of the sectors and its binding factors, and reflects its vulnerability in the given time environment, financial benefits and, consequently, justification.

The FS is also developing a replacement of the existing plant against a new solution, where specific problems have been identified: such as heat loss, insufficient heat output, low efficiency, high fuel consumption, choice of low fuel and consequences, high costs for fuels, technical risks to boiler house or heat, restructuring or reorganization of the holding, in addition, attaching the force, or on the contrary, leads to full automation. The project includes compliance with the requirements of the legislative instruments of the LR and of the EU.

The undertaking shall perform all works and design of the technological process in accordance with the requirements of the commissioning party. Computer programs made in accordance to provide the system with comprehensive or complex design management, which perform heat balance calculations, specification of the material used for calculations, noise, aerodynamics, and hydrological calculations.

The design 120,000 operating hours, on average intended for 20 years. The boiler house must, during its lifetime, withstand load changes in such a way that the components do not cause overload exceeding the permissible norms.

Design works include calculations, drawings, descriptions, etc. that may be necessary for any receipt of permits, opinions or conciliations.

We are carrying out new projects, as well as reconstructions and improvements in the operation of existing boilerhouse, offering rational and optimal solutions for rebuilding the boiler house.

Local production has many advantages. The key is that a separate more suitable project developed, even where each of the components of the heating system can be adapted to the needs of a particular farm. It is necessary to find an optimal solution for each site that is appropriate to the master's expectations. Priorities can be defined both as a solution to everyday situations and as a financial contribution to the telescope.

Production standards determined by LVS standards, BOM regulations based on the European Union Directive and requirements, in relation to metal, pressure equipment, design, welding, heating, ventilation, construction standards and other related production, assembly and operational regulations. This means that local production meets the same requirements as German or Swiss heating systems. The quality issue is determined by neither the exporting country but by the producer's experience and skills, and by the ability to go to each project individually.

Determining and binding the design and installation standards of heating systems.

We offer full truckload shipment (FTL). We choose reliable logistics partners using modern transport. The loading and unloading operations are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 standards and shall maintain a regular domestic and international transport network.

A prerequisite for long-distance transporting is compulsory insurance.

All equipment supplied in a complete form, which reduces the assembly time at the installation and lowers the time of the assembly work;

We provide all the assembly for the boiler plants, ensuring that the system is fully prepared for the release of the exfoliation.

We provide:

  • Installation of all components of heating systems;
  • System testing and adjustment;
  • Installation and connection of the control unit/automation system;
  • Other works related to the installation of industrial and municipal boilers, which are necessary for the launch, and commissioning of the system.

After-sales guarantee services are available at least 2-5 years after the boiler house been commissioned (depending on the contract).

The arrangements for the guarantee are settled between the Parties prior to the takeover of the boilerhouse. The frequency and order of service shall depend on the equipment of the heating system chosen, as well as on the specific nature of the operation determined prior to the design of the boiler house. The system maintenance order is determined by the manufactured product and expressed in the instructions for use, while it should include minimum maintenance requirements, which are specified in the LR Regulation No 518.

In addition, over the years, we provide support with a dedicated controller who has been involved in regulating and checking the Boilerhouse in procedures to monitor the management of the operational activities of the commissioning party, the management of the fault prevention process and advise on the provision of operational and maintenance issues.

The entire warranty period shall have:

-access to a remote monitoring and diagnostic service with a history of technical data and its archiving.

-organization/planning and execution of all issues related to the guarantee obligation

-provision of technical assistance to the customer during repair and maintenance activities.

What to start with?

Define needs /
Project by-laws

Assembly of equipment /
Project planning

Initial costs
and continued efficiency calculations

There is no one solution that would be suitable for all farms or similar enterprises. However, finding the right solution for the given project is not a complicated task.

In order to find it, we need to define your needs and contact specialists. Together we will be able to assess the specific nature of the operation, the environmental/time/ labour /financial resources, and to propose a creative solution.

Meeting at your site, we can discuss the most essential issues, prepare a preliminary offer. Further on we will go into detail together until we agree on the entire content of the whole project.

You will receive accurate planning of the process and transparent and clear statement of all the relevant work, components, deadlines, and costs for the proposed project.